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Getting to EarthFair
Sunday, April 22, 2018 – Balboa Park
10am – 5pm

Fifty- to sixty-thousand people driving to EarthFair creates real traffic and parking problems... so don't drive!

    We have some alternatives that can help take the frustration out of getting there: public transit, public ridesharing (like Lyft and Uber), free guarded bike parking... and walking!

    Handicapped parking is available for those in need.

Take the Trolley and Walk to Balboa Park

There is a trolley stop about a 10 minute walk from the Park, or two shuttle options near the Trolley station.

Ride any Blue or Orange Trolley Line to the Trolley's City College Station in downtown San Diego. The Station is located between 11th Avenue and Park Blvd. and C Street and Broadway.

To walk to Balboa Park, go north on 12th Ave, which turns into Park Blvd. a few blocks north of the station. Walk north on Park Blvd. until you reach President's Way, then turn left into Balboa Park.

If you do not want to walk from the Trolley Station, you can:

  • The Route 7 bus stop is just steps away at the corner of 11th Avenue and C Street where you can board a Route 7 shuttle to Balboa Park.
    Remember to get a Day Pass when you start your trip on the Trolley.
    To plan your trip visit www.sdmts.com.
Take a Bus  

To arrive on the west side of the park, take Route 120 and cross the Laurel Street Bridge into Balboa Park.

For complete information on bus and trolley service, please visit www.sdmts.com/. And remember, riding MTS Buses and Trolleys make every day "EARTH DAY." When you take transit instead of driving a car you reduce greenhouse gases, slow global warming and improve our air quality. Saving just one gallon of gas can eliminate 19 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.

All-in-one Help from SANDAG

iCommute can assist you on your trip to EarthFair by providing free carpool and ride matching services, transit solutions, a bike map, and much more. To make your commute to EarthFair as easy as possible visit www.iCommuteSD.com.

Bike Parking

Ridesharing Services

  • There will be two large passenger pickup/dropoff areas on 6th Avenue, on the west side of the park, for those using ridesharing services such as Lyft or Uber.
    The passenger zone will be on 6th Ave., east side curb, from Kalmia St. to Maple St. (park entrance is on Laurel, midway between).

  • LYFT first time users use click here to save $5 on your way to EarthFair.

Ride a Bike

  • There is free, guarded bike parking, coordinated by the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, available in two locations:
    • On Village Place (off of Park Blvd., south of the Zoo)
      behind the Natural History Museum
    • In front of the Museum of Man, just over the Laurel St. bridge. See the visitor map to find the exact locations.

  • If you don't want to ride the entire way to the park, drive part way, park in a convenient spot, and ride the rest of the way.

Walk to EarthFair

Our vision for a greener Earth one step at a time.

Walk to the EarthFair in Balboa Park! By walking we hope to inspire others to do whatever they can individually to help preserve our earth by setting an example of how we can all make a positive difference in our communities.

Handicapped Parking

There will be extra handicapped parking spaces reserved in the Organ Pavilion parking lot, off Presidents Way. The police will allow cars with handicapped parking permits into this lot as long as spaces are available. See the visitor map to find the Organ pavilion lot.


 email: info18earthdayweb.org     Phone: (858) 272-7370
PO Box 9827 • San Diego, CA 92169